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cucumba presents: FROM PARIS WITH LOVE

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 Written by
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Want waxing tips from a pro? Check out @Wahanda's guide to painless waxing with Cucumba's Bella:  
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A special THANK YOU treat just for our lovely cucumba clients….. Every Wednesdays 6-8pm cucumba invites you to come and enjoy Cocktails, Manicures, Massage and the same cucumba feel-good vibe but in a different location – Detroit Bar, Covent Gardens (pictures attached). We have a number of tables reserved for our lovely cucumba VIPs and have negotiated a special deal…
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Check out Wahanda's interview with Vivienne and James! click here!  

When Harry Met Emma...

Saturday, 06 April 2013 Written by
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When Harry Met Emma the Brit Awards. Lashes & make-up by cucumba's very own Bella Boo x  
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