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Check out our new blog from our amazing brand ambassador Natalie Robinson: Are you Investing your Money Wisely? Beauty Facts Every Woman Should Know
Check out our new blog from our amazing brand ambassador Natalie Robinson: Style Icon’s The Fashion Word: A Dose of dermalogica
Another amazing blog by Natalie Robinson covering the James Bond Premier:
Amazing new blog by our lovely new brand ambassador Natalie Robinson! For the full article click the following link:
To see the full article in Polished magazine click here:
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I love the idea of Cucumba– the urban pit stop for women on the move. Situated in London’s Soho the salon whose exterior belies it’s vast inside, is the perfect place to pop into if you need a quick mani before that crucial meeting, or need a head to toe preen in under an hour.  

Doing things the Wahanda Way...

Monday, 29 June 2015 Written by
Have a little look at our very own Vivienne talking to Wahanda @ Professional Beauty...


Wednesday, 20 May 2015 Written by
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